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Hi, I’m Perveen Hussain,
I am married and have 3 fantastic children. I have always been a good listener so that people naturally began to confide in me. I have been both a learner and an educator all my life. I love being in the ‘classroom’. I take wisdom from wherever it comes. I am always open to all sorts of possibilities in my own life as well as my clients. I am a lifelong volunteer, something which I started at the age of 16 and have never stopped.  I serve on various committees and boards. I am passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. My own struggles with mental wellbeing motivate me to work with others. I am a huge advocate of self-help. I enjoy walking in nature, gardening, reading and sewing. I am up for a challenge, having been a Scout leader,  I have done the 60m abseil down Baitings Reservoir for the British Red Cross and walked 100 miles in October 2021 for Cancer Care.

I have a special interest in family relationships from parenting to marriage. I believe that family is the building block of society and positive family relationships are extremely important for our emotional wellbeing affording us stability and support when we need it. Like any other endeavour, trusting family relationships require time, energy and attention to flourish into the close, loving connections that are so necessary in our lives.
I have delivered parenting workshops in various settings and I am currently writing a course for those thinking of marriage, engaged couples and indeed those already married. The course will cover the essentials of how to develop a loving, caring and lasting friendship that will withstand the necessary pitfalls of married life and life in general.

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