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What Clients Have Said

The decision to access life coaching via CC4U is one of the best ones that I have made . It seems crazy now but I always thought I hadn’t time to take advantage of any of the sessions as I was managing and other people may be more needy than me …. how wrong I was.Life coaching has helped me to move from a life that was like being on a flat out speedway at work and at home, to one where I am clearer about who I am and what I want. I am pleased to say that I have made life changing decisions about work and importantly life/work balance and feel so much better and more fulfilled . I would recommend this wholeheartedly and I cant thank Perveen enough for guiding me and helping me through this process

Sarah NHS Manager

Perveen has been an excellent coach. I worked with her on improving my work-life balance and she expertly treaded the line between empathetic listening and directly challenging my assumptions and attitudes to work. During the six sessions my attitudes have shifted which has allowed me to adapt new time saving practises; my workload has already noticeably reduced. Simple wins like being able to take a walk during my lunch break and leave work on time have been huge victories for me; I now feel able to continue in a career that I love but which I previously thought unmanageable. Thank you Perveen. 

Michelle Teacher

Perveen is such a lovely and personable individual. Every session is different and tailor made with small goals and objectives.  Perveen is very knowledgeable and I learnt something in every session. I gained insight and awareness into the type of person I am and the small changes I can make in my life.  Would definitely recommend life coaching!

Sharan NHS Manager

Working with Perveen has been incredibly empowering. Discovering my innateabilities and nurturing those seedlings for growth and witnessing what comes from that is truly amazing. I would highly recommend anyone who would like guidance, insightful direction and a positive framework for their future to sincerely consider life coaching with Perveen. I do feel genuinely lighter in myself, a warmth has entered inside me and I’m looking forward to carrying this through and sharing this with those around me.

Chris Actor

I came to life coaching with some trepidation. What would it involve? What would I be asked? I needn’t have been concerned as from the start of our sessions, Perveen put me at ease and gently explained that she was there as an advocate or a best friend to help me achieve whatever it was, I wanted.Through our sessions I came to realise that my presenting concerns were in fact something much deeper and I can only attribute this to Perveen’s skill of listening, understanding and asking relevant questions. Life Coaching has given me time to focus on myself, space to reflect and with encouragement from Perveen, achieve my goals and be better equipped to deal with things going forward.

Nicola NHS Worker

I loved working with Perveen. She was a steady hand in turbulent times. Providing gentle counsel and also making practical suggestions for change. I learned that there are always options, something I tend to forget when in pain. And I also got a sense of her presence, which was stable and strong, outside of the time we spent online. I felt cared for and able to explore elements of my life, especially the difficult ones, in a safe space. She established trust early on and was able to really make space for my troubles, as well as lift my thinking to a more holistic perspective.She really helped me to think and feel about things differently. Change is oftenturbulent, especially with those we love and Perveen was able to skilfully andelegantly guide me through this in order to reach a level of acceptance and faith that I was unable to envisage. For this I am truly grateful and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a helping hand and a bit of “angel energy” in their life.

Katya Teacher

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